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FORSTINA Paper Wallet Long

FORSTINA Paper Wallet Long

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FORSTINA Paper Wallet Long FORSTINA Paper Wallet Short

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  • Washable
  • Ultra-Thin
  • Splash resistant
  • Super Lightweight
  • Splash Proof
  • Weather Resistant
  • Hand Washing
  • Ironable
  • No Stretch
  • Not Shrink
  • Reinforced Ripstop
  • Vegan


✨ Length: 7.87 inches
✨ Width: 3.54 inches
✨ Maximum Thickness: 0.24 inches
✨ Minimum Thickness: 0.12 inches


The purse is light, thin and with washable paper bag.The perfect small purse made of tear-resistant kraft paper.

Has 6 subjects take up to 12 cards on.

🌱 Vegan - Sustainable, eco-friendly product suitable for vegan
🌱 Minimalist design
🌱 Eco-friendly alternative to the leather
🌱 Aged/Pre-washed, touches and feels like leather, which is why it is often called vegan leather
🌱 combining sustainability and beauty, Looks better with time
🌱 Sturdy, reusable, highly versatile, eco-friendly
🌱 is handmade with care and is hand washable. Suitable to be cleaned in the washing machine
🌱 It is ultra-lightweight, dimensionally stable, and will not shrink or stretch
🌱 Long-lasting and sustainable
🌱 High tear resistance
🌱 Soft yet resilient
🌱 water-repellent
🌱 Natural product, made out of natural cellulose fiber, a green and renewable resource, a natural alternative to plastic
🌱 Food safe
🌱 Created from biodegradable eco-friendly paper
🌱 Super Slim
🌱 Cruelty-free
🌱 The material is free of dyes, contains NO pentachlorophenol, PVC, or BPA, and is neither harmful to health nor the environment
🌱 Versatile and easy to maintain - simply wash and dry when needed
🌱 OEKO-TEX® standard 100 certified. Manufactured in Europe (Germany)
🌱 These materials are an ideal choice for allergy/asthma sufferers as they don't make any dust


🌿 Washable Paper from Germany.
🌿 a Natural leather alternative, our materials have first-rate environmental credentials. Manufactured using eco-friendly processes, with FSC® (C139589 and C133304) and OEKO-TEX® 16.0.81230 Hohenstein HTTI accreditation, Vogue also carries the globally renowned Vegan Trademark.
🌿 Eco friendly product made of 100% biodegradable cellulose.

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✨ Length: 7.87 inches
✨ Width: 3.54 inches
✨ Maximum Thickness: 0.24 inches
✨ Minimum Thickness: 0.12 inches

✨ Length: 20 cm
✨ Width: 9 cm
✨ Maximum Thickness: 0.6cm
✨ Minimum Thickness: 0.3 cm

Care Instructions

🌱 The fabric is easy to clean and completely hand washable or machine washable.✨
🌱 To care for your bag, hand/machine wash in warm water with a mild detergent or soap.✨
🌱 If you're using your bag for herbs, plants or flowers be sure to use a small pot, vase, or container. Do not pot directly into the product as it's not intended for extended saturation in water.✨
🌱 Do not use greasy food as the paper is very absorbent and it may be difficult to remove stains.✨

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  • 100% NATURAL




  • Reduce 88% CO2

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Feel the Natural Texture, Savor the Natural Quality

Experience nature and embrace quality with leather-like natural texture derived from natural tree fiber

forstina paper bag use Texon Vogue as core materials, Texon Vogue products is FSC certified (Forestry Stewardship Council). This ensures that products made from wood pulp are sourced from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

100% FSC Fiber Pulp

Protect the Environment, Protect Nature,Made entirely of 100% FSC fiber pulp,reduce 93% of CO2 emissions ,88% of fossil fuels compared to leather,reducing overall environmental impact by 84%

Zero Formaldehyde, OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class I

Safety is in our genes
With Class I certification and OEKO-TEX Standard 100, our products meet the highest standards for long-term skin contact and can be used in baby With Zero formaldehyde

Easy to Wash, Texture More Pretty

No matter if it's machine washed, stone washed, enzyme washed or dry cleaned our leather paper can easily withstand the cleaning process while maintaining its natural texture.

15x Tensile Strength

With an internal bond strength of 1500kpa 15 times stronger than regular paper
Paper Bag exhibits outstanding tensile performance
providing durability and a long service life


With a water absorption rate of only 3% maintaining no more than 80% absorption after 30 minutes
our product is highly resistant to water

As Light as a Feather

40-57% lighter than real leather
a density of 0.6g/cm³ far lower than
the 1.0-1.4g/cm³ density of real leather
Carry your belongings with ease and style

Super Thin

Minimum 0.30mm

Load-bearing Capacity of 28kg

With a load-bearing capacity of 28kg
it exceeds your imagination
Our 0.55mm shopping bag measures 31.8cm x 31.5cm and can support up to 28kg